I’m just a hardworking, fun loving guy from Grand Rapids, MI. I fell in love with online marketing and business back in 2008 after being downsized from my job. It was the third time I was downsized in less than 2 years and as a single father of four children, I needed to find a way to keep food on the table because unemployment wasn’t paying enough to cover basic expenses at that time.

That experience led to my first full time business and caused me to taste the life of an entrepreneur.

Since then, I’ve worked with several business owners and individuals increase their digital presence and overall online marketing strategy. The internet has leveled the playing field and caused the world to become smaller in so many ways!

One thing I hear over and over is that I’m really good at coming up with out of the box ideas. There have always been trends that come and go as it relates to online marketing and social media. I tend to focus on those strategies that have been consistent since 2008 and have proven to be effective marketing strategies. If it isn’t broken, I try not to fix it!

I would love the opportunity to work with you so that you can see the same results I’ve been able to produce for other business owners and “side hustlers” like yourself.

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